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Is Yoga Exercise?

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Scientific Reasons Behind Super Brain Yoga

Super brain exercise helps to retain the energy from the lower level and pushes upwards to feel the inner peace. Researchers had found that Alpha waves are increased after doing this exercise.

Super Brain yoga stimulates our brain power and recalls the things better. It's not only to energize brain but also balance our chakras or energy centres. This exercise synchronizes both sides of the brain and activates the brain cell. This is our tradition to perform in front Lord Ganesha but it's been rediscovered and proved scientifically by foreigners.
How to perform Super Brain Yoga:Stand straightHold your right earlobe with left thumb and index fingerHold your left earlobe with right thumb and index fingerMake sure thumb faces front and right arm overlaps left armPress the earlobeInhale your breathe and squat down slowlyHold the breathe and sit for 3 secondsBreathe out deeply while you rise upRepeat for 15 - 20 times
Benefits of Super Brain YogaStrengthens the thigh muscle…

5 Great Morning Yoga Poses you should try at Home!

Yoga in the morning time is really amazing. This clears our mind and amenable to creative ideas and gets energized for the whole day to stay positive. Choose a place to move your body freely. Let the environment be calm and clean. This way you can get into yoga. Morning Yoga Poses Surya Namaskar Set of 12 asanas where you can stretch your right and left side of the body benefits it strengthens the entire body. San Salutation exercise promotes weight loss and helps in improving the blood circulation. It also promotes hair growth and provides a glowing skin. Trikonasana Doing trikonasana strengthens the arms, legs and knees. It increases the flexibility and reduces the blood pressure. Also aids in digestion. Balasana This asana helps alleviate back pain and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It improves the blood circulation throughout the body. Bhujangasana Bhujangasana helps to get rid of tummy fat. This asana stimulates the digestive system and reproductive system. It makes the spin…

Tips for Yoga Beginners

When you are new to yoga, it is hard to start up with first step. These blog helps to start practice yoga at home with tips and techniques.

Tips for the Yoga beginners:-
Wear Comfortable and loose clothingAdvisable not to eat for 1 or 2 hours before yoga practiceChoose a comfortable placeFocus on your capabilitiesEnjoying what your are doingListen to your bodyDon't bear your painDont worry about being perfectSet your moodYoga Poses for Beginners:- Warm upsVeerabhadrasanaShishusanaTadasanaMarjiarasanaBalasanaBaddhakonsansanaShavasanaSurya Namaskar All the postures will be perfect for the beginners which helps to stretch all the muscles of your body and calms the mind. At beginning it will be difficult to be in proper pose. Relax yourself and perform with smile on your face. Yoga is a lifelong process. In later days, you can stretch as much you could. Keep practicing at home!

Before doing the beginners yoga poses, it is advisable to consult the physician if you have any health issues.…

Surya Namaskar and It's Benefits

What is Surya Namaskar? Surya Namaskar consists of two words: Surya and Namaskar. Surya means Sun and Namaskar mean salutation or worship. Sun salutation is the single yoga exercise that impacts all the organ systems of the body. Thus it is the salutation to the Sun god.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation poses to lengthen and strengthen, flex and extend many of the main muscles of the body throughout the system. It warms our body and calms the mind.

Benefits of Sun Salutation: - Improves DigestionHelps in Weight LossPrevents Hair FallImproves the Lung FunctionIncreases the supply of BloodHelps in Hormonal ImbalanceTones the musclesStrengthens the spine, neck, shoulder, and arms To attain the best results, start practicing Surya Namaskar at home.

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? Yoga - the physical, mental and spiritual transition. Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Yoga brings physical and mental disciplines to achieve the peace.

Yoga derived from Sanskrit word "yuj" means union or connection. Yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Yoga was practiced by Yogis and spread among the disciples.

Yoga uses asanas for the focused concentration on body parts and pranayama, the breathing technique to integrate the body, mind, and soul. Doing yoga daily helps to stay healthy and fit.
 Benefits of Yoga:  There are numerous benefits of practicing yoga.
Lowers high blood pressure – Yoga decreases blood pressure with better blood circulationMaintains metabolism – Regular practice of yoga helps to have a balanced metabolismBody Flexibility – Yoga postures increase the body flexibilityBoosts our energy – Few minutes of yoga makes us feel fresh and increases our staminaPromotes health – Yoga helps to get rid of exc…